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About Us

The ANKIT Group has been in the fastener industry for well over 30 years and is involved in manufacturing highly specialized fasteners for Aerospace and Automotive applications, catering to a large number of elite clientele like VSSC, ISRO, HAL, NAL, DRDO, Goodrich in the Aerospace industry and MICO-BOSCH, TVS-Lucas, etc in the Automotives industry.

The management and employees of ANKIT are dedicated to innovation and quality and are continuously making efforts to better their state of art technology and processes in fastener manufacturing. With the industry growing at a brisk rate, ANKIT is striving to meeting increasing demand by rapidly expanding its capacities.

Business Ethics and Work Culture

The MD, Umesh Patel, in the past 30 years has scrupulously laid down the core foundation of the company with his principles of providing customers with high quality and standards on a consistent basis. He has been successful in conveying this to the team of ANKIT and that is clearly seen by the positive feedback the company receives from its customers.

One of the most formidable aspects of ANKIT is the work culture. The management has focused on value creation for all stakeholders. Each person involved in ANKIT’s operations are aware that value creation for ANKIT’s esteemed customers spells value creation for ANKIT, which in turn creates value for them. This has translated into success for ANKIT and at all levels within the company.

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